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Kim Janese


Kim Janese opens each day with an unwavering embrace of life’s boundless offerings. She believes that life is full of opportunities and passionately strives to immerse herself in all that it has to offer. Her passions and hobbies span various realms, including travel, mental well-being, skincare, culinary adventures, literary escapades, and physical fitness.

Throughout her life, Kim Janese has gleaned a profound truth: every experience, even the most challenging ones, holds intrinsic value. While many view life as events happening “to” them, Kim perceives life’s unfoldings as happening “for” her. Every twist and turn serves as an opportunity for growth, and even the darkest shadows need not cast a negative impact on the future. Kim remains committed to nurturing her mind, body, and spirit.

In harmony with her holistic philosophy, Kim Janese’s hobbies and pursuits are inspired by a purposeful intent to nourish her entire being. Literature provides profound inspiration and intellectual growth. She finds solace in the vibrant narratives of historical fiction, particularly those related to Medieval England. Additionally, she enjoys mysteries, thrillers, and enlightening self-discovery novels. In terms of physical well-being, Kim advocates for the power of fitness and nutrition. Her dedication to advanced Pilates practice and regular weightlifting sessions provides strength to her body.

The culinary arts also hold a special place in her heart, and she eagerly embraces the challenge of conquering intricate recipes whenever time allows. Moreover, Kim champions the merits of intermittent fasting and firmly believes in the transformative effects of autophagy on overall health.

Beyond personal fulfillment, Kim Janese fosters an extensive and cherished social network that she wholeheartedly invests in. She understands that the essence of life resides in the interconnections between people and relationships. Every encounter has the potential to shape her existence, and she diligently nurtures these connections. From lifelong friendships cultivated since elementary,  high school and college to the equally cherished relationships  she has fostered throughout her adult life, Kim treasures her circles and never takes them for granted.

Kim Janese’s adventurous spirit has turned her into quite the globetrotter. Having traveled to over 45 countries, she loves immersing herself in diverse cultures. Through her journeys, she has witnessed a remarkable revelation—that even persons seemingly worlds apart from her can impart invaluable lessons about the shared human experience. Kim’s many voyages into the depths of several African villages as well as several remote areas of Egypt, Jordan, Cambodia and Peru and Malaysia stand as towering testimonies to the profound impact of her travels.

In her most recent professional pursuit as a Family Visitation Supervisor, Kim Janese played a paramount role in the lives of families navigating the family court system. Guided by empathy, she provided unwavering support and counseling to those in need. Kim facilitated therapeutic placements and educational programs while diligently overseeing court-ordered visitations between children and their non-custodial parents.

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